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I Have No Idea How Corey Brewer Still Has All His Limbs After This Fall

Kings guard Corey Brewer made an extremely Corey Brewer play at the end of the first quarter of tonight’s game against the visiting Cavaliers. He anticipated a routine pass from Cleveland’s David Nwabwa and made a damn-the-torpedoes commitment to intercepting it, which is a risky play, although not at all for the way that this one ended in near catastrophe:


When coaches urge discipline and restraint in these scenarios, it’s not out of fear that the play will end with their guy pinwheeling onto the court and landing on his head! Somehow Brewer did not fly apart like a handful of popsicle sticks upon impact. Even more incredibly, he managed to get back to his feet, and returned to the game after being checked out by Sacramento’s trainers. Brewer’s teammates were pretty sure they’d just witnessed a gnarly injury:

It’s genuinely incredible to think that a fall like that could go down as a non-event in Brewer’s career and life. A shift of a couple degrees, a different alignment of limbs at the point of impact, who knows! At any rate, don’t be surprised if Brewer winds up on an injury report tomorrow—adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

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