I know exactly who’s under the Bride costume on ‘The Masked Singer’

The accent is fake but his pedigree in professional wrestling and rock music is real

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Screenshot: FOX

From the clue package to both performances on Wednesday night’s edition of FOX ratings juggernaut The Masked Singer, anyone who’s a fan of the inaugural All Elite Wrestling world champion knows his signature growl and tone. Chris Jericho is the only current wrestler on American television to sing his own entrance theme. Wrestling fans hear the notes Jericho can hit on a weekly basis. So when the feminine pink dinosaur in a wedding dress opened its mouth, connecting the dots to Jericho was much easier than mastering his 1,004 holds.

Bride sings “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon | THE MASKED SINGER | SEASON 8

Despite an uncanny resemblance to the child of Dennis Rodman and the girl dragon from “Shrek” who falls in love with Eddie Murphy’s Donkey, Jericho’s clue package included a deeper male voice with a British accent, which wasn’t bad by itself. However, faking accents has become somewhat of a regular occurrence in “The Masked Singer” universe. Jericho’s rendition of “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON won him the episode and he wasn’t unmasked despite stiff competition from George Foreman and musician George Clinton. He’s the lead singer and co-founder of the rock group Fozzy. Jericho’s been on large stages for more than 30 years. Wednesday’s airing was second nature.

It’s not shocking that Jericho outsang Foreman, as his expertise is in boxing and selling portable grills. But out-performing Clinton? The leader of Parliament-Funkadelic? That’s actually impressive. Jericho will be back next week to face two new singers under the costumes of “Avocado” and “Snowstorm” with the goal of making the show’s semifinals, where Harp, who is likely Amber Riley, and the Lambs, who are pop group Wilson Phillips, have already advanced.