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I Love You Sweeeeaaaatshirt! (Red Hooded) Sweeeeeeaaaatshirt

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What they're saying from the Patriots' perspective about the New York Giants' 17-14 win over New England in Super Bowl XLII ...

Belichick Inexplicably Opts For Red, Pats Lose, Boy Chews Shirt. "Seriously Bill, no gray hoodie with the sleeves cut off? Was this really the night to change things up?" [The Sports Hernia]

It seems that Adam Sandler has better luck with this garment ...

With Kige On Our Side, Good Things Will Happen. Kige Ramsey's Super Bowl prediction. The dramatic pause was genius. [Bottomless Chips]


A Requiem For The Patriots. "Maybe I'm being lame by turning the focus away from the Giants hard-earned victory - but I'm just glad I can still be proud to be a New England Patriots fan, instead of feeling like a disenchanted member of a nation that takes the fun out of the game. So long live the 2007 Patriots - just not for too long please. I don't know if I've ever looked forward to baseball season this much. But don't fret Tom Brady, I still want to have your child." [The Sports Scribbler]

Giants 17, Patriots 14. "If you're going to compare this in football terms, you could say the New England Patriots suddenly bore a resemblance to the New Zealand All Blacks in last September's Rugby World Cup. In my opinion, though, the closest comparison has to be the 1991 UNLV Runnin' Rebels basketball squad, which went 34-0 on its way to the Final Four, then lost to Duke in the semifinals. That team that was supposed to be absolutely unstoppable, but guess what? They got stopped. There were allegations of cheating among both teams, too. The only way it could be any closer is if photos emerge of the Pats' offensive line in a hot tub with a bookie." [Dave's Football Blog]

Ultimate Humble Pie. "Undefeated season denied. Congratulations to the New York Giants. The Giants were unbelievably lucky on several plays, especially on that last drive — Asante Samuel muffing what could have been a game-ending interception, David Tyree somehow holding on to that deep pass to the Patriots 24 with just over a minute left. But that's football. Those are the bounces. Your New England Patriots have nothing of which to be ashamed. They came within 3 points of something most of us could hardly comprehend." [Pats Pulpit]

Perfection Stopped Cold. "Right now I am stunned, as I am sure is all of New England. But I said this game made me uneasy and I was uncomfortable the entire game and I wasn't anywhere near the field. This feeling reminds me of watching Aaron Boone hit the HR off of Tim Wakefield." [Sox And Dawgs]


Randy Moss: Super Bowl Loser. "Randy Moss, for all his worthlessness today, still had the class to make that swimming move after catching the TD that put the Patriots up late in the 4th. Up to that point he did nothing. In the biggest game of his life, he did nothing to help carry the load, and for that I can only bask in the pleasure of the fact that Randy Moss will get no ring this year. Hopefully ever. His touchdown came after the defender that was covering him fell down. Yet, the guy acts as if the center of the football universe should take note that he's some sort of football god. No Randy, you're the epitome of selfish, and karma got the better of you today." [The Eye Patch]

Confused Thoughts In The Aftermath. "Whether they said the Tom Brady ankle controversy was a non-issue or not, could it have been that it limited his ability to throw the deep ball. It's been quite some time since we've seen Brady pass so erratically, especially with the deep ball. I don't care what the statistics say, Brady didn't look like himself." [Eye On Foxborough]

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