I’m Getting Pretty Fed The Fuck Up With James Comey

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Former FBI director and self-appointed beacon of rectitude James Comey is currently in the midst of barnstorming the country’s numerous morning show sets to plug his new tell-all. And while I will gladly side with Comey in any tiff with the President or with Meghan McCain, I think I’ve had just about enough of his Last Honest Man horseshit.

It was Comey who, in striving to look balanced and nonpartisan, threw a heavy, wet diaper into the middle of the 2016 election. And it is good, polite men like Comey—men who believe even the most ghoulish of our public servants deserve to be cosseted in the warm embrace of Washington chumminess—who have helped foster the kind of hapless, resistance-free environment that has allowed mass corruption to flourish. Telling Comey to eat a pile of shit is the subject of this week’s DEADCAST.

But don’t worry, we talk lotsa sports, too. In fact, Roth and I brought in Basketball Knower Tom Ley to talk about the NBA playoffs, MVP awards, the Kawhi Leonard affair, and we answer YOUR questions about clowns, baseball, and Bill Simmons’s sad DVD shelf. Can you possibly ask for more out of a podcast? Listener, you cannot. That would be greedy.


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