It’s Madden glitch season! God bless it. The exact same game, every single year, yet somehow always with horrifying and wonderful new misfires.

Please watch this and luxuriate in the weirdness:

Okay so,

  1. Tennessee punts, and the Seattle punt returner picks up the still-live football at the 1-yard-line.
  2. The Seahawks returner is pancaked by a Titans lineman into the end zone.
  3. He never loses the ball, as the replay makes clear.
  4. It’s a touchdown?
  5. Tennessee gets the points, but it’s the Seahawks who starts celebrating and the Seattle return man who is credited with a one-yard TD return???


Update: Stefan Heck, of the GoOffKings Twitch stream, wants you to notice that the damn game’s box score doesn’t even agree with its own score graphic about which team scored:


This is the most joy this game will ever bring me, and that includes if I play it.

Please send those glitches.