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There are certain sentences that you just never imagined yourself typing, and here's one of them. Yesterday on Cold Pizza, Michael Clarke Duncan accused Skip Bayless of "putting him on front street."

In the most exciting bit of pregame Super Bowl XLI hype yet, Duncan and Bayless got into it after Duncan accused Bayless of being a poor analyst, and then Bayless accused Duncan of being a bandwagon jumper. Then, Duncan put his hand on Bayless's junk and cured a bladder infection.


You can download the audio right here. That last part might not have really happened.

While you're trying to process the visual image of Skip Bayless and Michael Clarke Duncan hanging out together at the pool ... it's hard to call a winner in this one. In Bayless's favor, it really didn't seem like Duncan could name a non-Grossman or non-Urlacher Bear. In Duncan's favor, Skip Bayless is Skip Bayless.

But then again, if that "Ron Grossman" thing is true ... well, game, set, match to Skip Bayless. If it's not true, though, then Skip Bayless is just a gigantic asshole.

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