I-Team: A "Totally Single Virgin" Investigative Status Report

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Shortly after the call went out for information regarding the beer-holding woman wearing a sign prominently advertising herself as a (Red Sox) "virgin" yesterday, tipster Justin responded with this report:

Being that I have nothing better to do I called the number on the sign and it went directly to voice mail with the name of "Jillian Albee." Since 858 is a San Diego area code I googled "Jillian Albee San Diego" and this website came up:


The picture matches up fairly well and Saint Anselm is in Manchester New Hampshire which is not too far from Boston. Not sure what would motivate someone to advertise their own phone number but here you go.


Considering Ms. Albee keeps a protected Twitter account — "27 single lives with parents 1 cat - sweetheart" — that was an informational dead end.

Justin was correct in that the photo on the Saint Anselm College's women's lacrosse page does pass the looks-relatively-similar test. Also, the school is located fewer than 60 miles from Boston.


That, and the glamour shot on Ms. Albee's LinkedIn page brings us closer to certainty.


What with the voice-mailbox full — of course it is — a text and email has been dispatched. A text response indicated the recipient would be more than happy to discuss the nature of messages subsequently received. Eagerly, we're awaiting that call.