The Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight in DC last month ended with a surprising and narrow split decision win for the underdog Peterson in front of his hometown crowd. Khan is a budding superstar. Peterson is a solid fighter. He could have pulled off an upset, but he didn't, not according to our boxing correspondent, Hamilton Nolan, who was at the fight. Khan was docked points for pushing in rounds seven and twelve and lost 112-113 on the scorecards of the two judges. He lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles.

Khan is now alleging that a mystery man in a fedora may have juked the scorecards. The man (depicted above) stationed himself next to WBA supervisor Michael Welsh and began murmuring in his ear. Strange notes were passed. The murmuring continued. The man may have handled scorecards. He didn't even appear to be watching the fight. Asif Vali, Khan's business manager, said the man identified himself as an IBF official. But IBF officials didn't respond to Vali. Nor did officials from the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission. "Obviously, the security is there," Vali said. Eh, not so much, according to Hamilton:

[R]andom people from the crowd kept coming and sitting in the empty seats in the press section for like 10 minutes each, before they'd get kicked out. so security was not super tight.


I left messages for two officials from the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission. No response yet. It is now time to dispatch the I-Team (for the second time today). Go forth. Do your thing. We appreciate it.

UPDATE: The redoubtable Daily Mail reports that the WBA has launched an investigation to uncover the identity of the man in the black hat. Here's a photo of him celebrating with Peterson after the fight: