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'I Think Tigger Just Clocked Trev Alberts ...'

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Hey, kids! From Every Day Should Be Saturday, a roundup of what went on at ESPN: The Weekend at Epcot Center in Florida. Follow along with their handy schedule and map, or just read some of the highlights below!:

• 2. "While we value audience participation at the Jungle Cruise, the use of any firearms-real and fake-is reserved exclusively for Disney cast members," said Disney spokesperson Lindsay Green.


• 17. Tim Hardaway summarizes "Peter Pan's Magic Flight" as "thrilling, insouciant fun. Just fabulous, really. Like something out of my beloved favorites, the Busby Berkeley glamoramas of the 1930s. Just, like, wow."

• 21. While riding "Snow White's Adventure," Shelley Smith bursts into tears and deletes Matt Leinart's number from her phone.


• 27. Jim Rome denied entrance to Space Mountain after failing minimum height requirement.

• 31. Mike Tirico's "Touch Tunnel of Tomorrow, sponsored by Cingular" sees its first civil complaint at 10:13 a.m.

But we're not done. Over at Fire Mark May, we've got Trev Albert's Guide Through Epcot, including:

• 7. Crossing the futuristic world of whatsits to head over to the constantly under-construction aquarium, I came across Harold Reynolds inappropriately touching most of the cast from "Finding Nemo."


• 12. Yao Ming! Yao Ming Yao Ming Yao Ming.......He towers over all, giving non-obese children free piggyback rides according to need. I attempt to join in on the fun after a few Tsingtaos, but I am quickly escorted away. Damn Red Chinese....

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