I think we owe Daryl Morey a huge apology

Pulling off deal to ship Ben Simmons was a masterstroke

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Daryl Morey got a superstar for Ben Simmons after all.
Daryl Morey got a superstar for Ben Simmons after all.
Image: AP

When it was first reported that Ben Simmons didn’t want to play in Philadelphia anymore, fans and the media immediately rushed to create dream trade scenarios for the 76ers. Even considering Simmons’ awful performance in the most recent postseason, the three-time All-Star still had some trade value left to offer. As word got around of what Morey was trying to acquire in exchange for Simmons though, people’s tone changed.

They wanted a star to replace Simmons and FOUR first-round draft picks?! That’s crazy talk. 76ers’ President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey could find himself in Shutter Island 2 if he keeps those negotiations up.

As the Simmons rumors went from days to weeks to months, the talk started to dissipate. With Simmons threatening to sit out the entire season, fans, including myself, started begging Morey to trade Simmons for something. Anything! At least get some value out of your star point guard. If you keep asking for a ridiculous return, you’re going to come away empty-handed!


Well, slap me sideways, because Morey had a plan all along. At yesterday’s trade deadline, the 76ers and Brooklyn Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade that would send Simmons to the Nets, as well as Andre Drummond and Seth Curry, in exchange for former MVP James Harden. I guess we should’ve...trusted the process. *buh dum tss*

Morey trusted his gut. He believed that Ben Simmons could be a pivotal part of a trade that made the 76ers title contenders, and by George, he didn’t just pull it off, he 720° McTwist backflip nailed that shit! My goodness!


I guess this is why none of us work in the front office of any NBA teams. I, and many other NBA fans, I assume, would’ve panicked at the prospect of having Simmons sit out the entire season. He wasn’t working on his shot. He wasn’t helping the team, and even without him, the 76ers were still in contention for the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

On the surface, it looked like his trade value was taking a bigger dip than an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen. Simmons was selling his house in the Philadelphia area. It was clear he had no intention of ever returning to the team. So, if say the Orlando Magic came knocking on my door and offered me Mo Bamba and some warm gummy bears for Simmons, I would’ve gladly accepted with a smile on my face.


Knowing what we know now though, that smile has turned to egg on my face. Daryl Morey, you just provided a masterclass in ‘Waiting for the Right Moment 101,’ and I will never doubt your decisions again, as crazy as they might seem at any moment.