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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Well, we know college basketball season is officially upon us: Bob Knight is being accused of brutalizing a player again. This time, it was Texas Tech sophomore forward Michael Prince, who made the mistake of not making eye contact with Knight while being lectured after a timeout. Knight bopped Prince under the chin, and Prince, being a trained athlete and not, say, an infant, did not break his jaw or burst into tears.


Prince says it's not a big deal at all, and, frankly, we tend to agree with him. (We still can't wait for the Mariotti column, though.) Still, just to be annoying Internet people, we thought we'd direct you to the famous Minute Maid commercial with Knight playing all lobotomized and Xanax-ed. We suspect most would say they prefer Knight to be like this, but we don't believe them: Otherwise, everyone would have to lead their broadcasts with that MNF game this morning, and nobody wants that.

Princes Say Knight's Actions Non-Issue [Lubbock Online]

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