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Reader Michael P was there the night a relatively unknown Dwyane Wade of Marquette University went off on Kentucky in the 2003 NCAA Tournament. Here's his recap.

I was there for Dwyane Wade's first step into the stardom he enjoys today. Marquette was set to be royally stomped by Kentucky. I remember everyone at the Metrodome was more interested in the Wisconsin game going on the same weekend. I had a stronger interest in the Marquette game than most, not because I was some soothsayer who was fully aware of the future greatness I would see in Wade. I went to high school with this guy (son of Jerry Sichting) and thought it was novel I was watching him sit on the bench.


The rest is history. Wade goes for 29-11-11, and Marquette downs the UK monster 83-69. Oh and my old schoolmate ends the game with the ball in his hands. In my top 3 sports memories of all time.

Here's an old SI recap of the game.

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