Anyone in search of evidence that boxing is crooked need look no further than the above video. It's from the rather disturbing title fight last weekend between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko. Mares won a majority decision to take the bantamweight belt. He also won the championship for punching another man repeatedly in the balls. Pound-for-pound, I've never seen anyone this good at punching another man repeatedly in the balls. They should give Mares a belt garnished with those fake testicles classy folks attach to the bumpers of their pickups.

Now the IBF has ordered an immediate rematch of the fight. Which is good. Until you consider that Oscar De La Hoya and Don King, the respective (and unimpeachable) promoters for Mares and Agbeko, get to make more money off a man getting punched repeatedly in the balls. How referee Russell Mora didn't take at least one point away from Mares is inconceivable. Mora is a seasoned referee with numerous title fights on his resume. It's not like you can attribute his incompetence to a lack of experience. No, he was standing two feet away from a man getting punched repeatedly in the balls and he did nothing. Actually, that's not true. After one especially hard ball punch, Agbeko slumped to his knees. Mora called it a knockdown.

Agbeko, who is from Ghana, told the press in his country that he doesn't think Mora should be allowed to ref any more fights:

I want him to be banned. I don't think he deserves to be in this game because he can kill in the ring. You can't trust him with anyone's life.

And hell if Mora shouldn't be banned. But he won't be. Because sometimes boxing likes to punch us all repeatedly in the balls.


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