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Ichiro and the Miami Marlins wrapped up a three-game series up in Seattle this afternoon, losing two of the three games to the Mariners. The last time the Marlins came to Seattle, they played as the “home team” due to a confounding U2-related scheduling conflict at their old ballpark in Miami that forced them to travel to Seattle to make up a lost series.

That was back in 2011, so even if Ichiro does indeed play until he’s 50, he might not necessarily get to come back to Seattle as a visitor before his career is over. However, he made the most of his time in the Northwest, sending the first pitch he saw in the ninth inning over the fence for a big dinger.


As Ichiro came to the plate, Seattle fans cheered him on and even got an “I-CHI-RO!” chant going.

The True Hit King certainly has a sense of dramatic timing.

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