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Attempted murder: It's not just for metaphors anymore! A man hired a hitman to murder a witness in his upcoming trial and was going to pay him off with his NASCAR collectibles. Suffice to say, it didn't work.

Not because NASCAR crap isn't legal tender, which it isn't, but because someone in the jail ratted the plan out to a prison guard. While some inmates may frown on this habit, they have to remember that snitchin's racin'.


The conspirator in question was Allen Bridges, who is on trial for selling black market painkillers. But he didn't want to be found guilty, so he and his son Jacob partook in a leisurely father-son activity by selling off Darrell Waltrip thermoses and Ricky Rudd bobbleheads to a guy in a murder pact. Of course I'm guessing what exactly the memorabilia is. The article doesn't say. Maybe they also have this racing rubber ducky.

The police obtained a garbage bag with some of the collection. Said the county's district attorney, "It looked like a bunch of junk." Which means they have the right stash.

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