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Idea For New Reality Show Featuring Barry Bonds Is 10 Years Too Late

So it turns out Barry Bonds is actually "close friends" with A.C. Slater, who got him to agree to do a reality show in which we get to see baseball's all-time asterisk king confronted by an angry fan who despises him, after which Bonds will have to try to convince the poor jagoff he's not such a prick after all.

The producers of "H8R" say there's no guarantee the angry fan will be persuaded by Bonds' soothing overtures of reassurance. But Bonds was apparently eager to do the show, and he "started coming up with ideas right away," according to its creator, Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, per the New York Post.


The show, which also includes separate segments in which people spew venom at Ron Artest, Charles Barkley, Terrell Owens and The Miz, is being billed as one that gives "pampered athletes, overexposed TV stars and other newsmakers a chance to tell their own stories."

Sadly, it's too late to have cameras capture Bonds' reaction to being berated by a fan when he was allegedly 'roid raging; that would have been must-see TV, no? But now, considering next year will be the fifth since Bonds last played, we can't imagine how his segment might possibly turn out.

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