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If A Broncos Player Pees In The Woods, The Broncos' Website Will Get It On Video

NFL websites tend to include interview videos of players and coaches muttering a variety of clichés. These interviews invariably are nothing more than harmless banter meant for those who really like seeing anyone on their favorite team say anything, without really having to pay any attention to exactly what it is they're saying. Many times, these interviews are interspersed with actual practice footage, though that, too, never actually presents anything too revealing—for obvious reasons.

But the gang at Denver Westword has stumbled upon an actual leak from Broncos practice as the team prepares for Saturday's playoff game against the Ravens: Starting center Dan Koppen took a piss in the woods.


The image appeared less than a minute into a video that has since been removed from the Broncos' website, but the team's game plan is already all wet. Denver Westword captured a frame-by-frame breakdown and close-up of the Broncos' I-P formation, and the Ravens can no doubt now use this wee bit of insight to their advantage.

Photos: Broncos player seen peeing behind Peyton Manning in team-produced video [Denver Westword]

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