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As anyone who understands comedy can tell you, the sight of a small child in pain is the zenith of modern mirth. Which is why it's such a shame that this Blue Jays commercial with Frank Thomas has been banned by Canadian television.

Basically, Big Frank interrupts a pillow fight among his children by swinging his own pillow, violently and hilariously. And the Canadians aren't happy about it.

"I think we are taking ourselves a little too seriously if we're saying a pillow fight cannot air because it's viewed as too aggressive, or Frank's too big versus a small child," said Laurel Lindsay, vice-president of marketing for the Blue Jays. "It's ridiculous. I can't shrink Frank and nor would I try to make the child grow. That's sort of the life of the [commercial], seeing the two interact. It was disappointing for sure. Surprising, I think, would be the ultimate word."


Personally, we think it would have been funnier if the kid had gone crashing through the window, but hey, you can't dissect comedy ... you just have to let it flow.

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