There's not much to cheer about in Bronco land these days โ€” did they really get hammered by the Lions? โ€” but that doesn't mean the old folks can't have their fun.

A couple of 69-year-old Broncos are taking some heat for an Absent-Minded Professor-type invention that does nothing but blow out your eardrums.

t is true that Jeri and Larry Priest, both 69, have a peculiar and very loud way of celebrating the Broncos when they score. They bust out a contraption Larry made 30 years ago featuring six car horns and a flashing orange light powered by a car battery and position it in their front yard. Larry, a retired iron worker who served in the Marines, tinkered with it so that a person sitting inside the house watching the game can trigger it.

As you'd suspect, the neighbors aren't particularly pleased about it. Fortunately, of all the years to live next to a crazy Broncos fan making noise every time they do something positive, this is a good one.

Bronco Horn Divides Neighbors [Rocky Mountain News]