If No. 1 is Michael Jordan and No. 2 is Zach LaVine... what's the list?

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He probably hit this J.
He probably hit this J.
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Zach LaVine is officially the best scorer in Chicago Bulls history — except for that one guy.

After another dominant scoring performance, this time against the Nets, for 41 points on 15/27 shooting from the field and 6-for-11 from the three-point line. Despite the loss, the 40-plus-point performance put LaVine in rare company.


According to StatMuse, LaVine had his 14th 40-point game with the Bulls which put him in second place for 40-point games behind the one and only Michael Jordan.


If you’re wondering, Jordan had 165 such games with the Bulls.

That, by itself, is utter insanity.

Granted, LaVine is a long shot from ever shoving arguably the GOAT of the sport from his mantle in Chicago, but he does have a strong case for being the second-best scorer in franchise history.


In his four seasons with the Bulls, LaVine has averaged 24.5 ppg, and 46.5 percent from the field, which includes the 27.5 ppg this year.

Just look at how his numbers stack up against other Chicago greats and their Bulls’ averages:

Michael Jordan: 31.5 ppg / 50.5 percent from the field

Artis Gilmore: 20.4 ppg / 58 percent

Bob Love: 19.4 ppg / 43.1 percent

Reggie Theus: 18.8 / 47.7 percent

Scottie Pippen: 18 ppg / 48.3 percent

Derrick Rose: 19.7 ppg / 44.8 percent

Undoubtedly LaVine is one of the smoothest scorers in the NBA today, his incredible athleticism and shooting ability give him an advantage against every defender he faces. He can score on all three levels and has the basketball IQ to get to his spots when necessary.


The only other Bull who could have a legitimate argument against LaVine for second place would be Gilmore because of his shooting percentage, but even then the Hall of Fame Center didn’t have the diversity in his offensive game like LaVine.

The next step for LaVine is to finally propel his team to win. If LaVine keeps up this production while the Bulls start ascending again he’ll be considered one of the greatest Bulls’ players to step on the floor.