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If Only He'd Have Gone Another Week!

This man's name is Fraser Babineaux, and for the last year, he has been known around these here Internets as "LSUOverUSC," a guy absolutely obsessed with proving LSU deserved the national title over USC in 2003. His site is a case study in how the Internet can drive one mad; it is so niche and so single-minded that all of life's woes are filtered through the prism that, somehow USC caused it. The LSUoverUSC blog was, well, tightly wound.

And, as pointed out by Rumors And Rants, yesterday it snapped. Babineaux posted the attached picture of himself and a a farewell message, saying that running a blog is not good for his mental health.

I have for three years thrown away my life to promote the cause of LSU being the legitimate 2003 national champion. After years of posting and campaigning I have reached the end of my line. And this will be my last post ever. ... Some people have asked me how I have so much time to devote to the LSUoverUSC cause. Well truth be told, I am unemployed, ever since Hurricane Katrina closed the catering service I once ran. But even before that, my work was severely hampered by my obsession, which has been professinally diagnosed as obsessive compulsive disorder. Feeding this disorder has caused me to spiral into a deep depression. My therapist says that the only way I can recover is through putting an end to writing messages on forums and on this blog.

May the lessons of a life wasted be learned by all of you who read this. The world is a big and marvelous place. Get out there and enjoy it. Don't let life pass you by.


You know, it's a shame, too, because we were this close to being convinced that LSU deserved the national title in 2003. Hell, another two or three posts might have done it, Fraser! Well, we're sure your health is worth it, just as sure as we are that USC was the 2003 national champion. Oh, is there an opposing view? If only there were some sort of Internet database out there with evidence for LSU's claim. But, sigh, there isn't anymore. Darn. Go Trojans!

Farewell [LSUOverUSC] (via Rumors And Rants)

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