The handsome rapscallion you see right there is Will Demps, a slightly mediocre free safety for the New York Giants who's pretty much destined to be on a reality show in six years. He's a smoldering fellow, and you know what that means: He just can't keep the groupies off him.

Yes, Will Demps has had it up to here with all the hot women trying to sleep with him.

I've had my share of fun with these types. I've flown beautiful women with agendas to big games . . . I've wined and dined them at the fanciest restaurants knowing I could've shared my bed with three at a time."

They hang in packs like vultures . . . posed with breasts spilling out of their shirts . . . In the end, I know these women can never fulfill a need beyond my libido."

You see, a sensitive type like Will Demps has needs. We're telling you: He's chasing cougars on Bravo in less than five years.

We do recommend checking out his official site, though.

Will Demps Is In Touch With His Libido [Zubaz Pants] [Official Site]