Venus and Serena Williams are adults, and therefore they're under no legal obligation to do what their father, Richard Williams, says they'll do. That apparently comes as news to two tennis promoters who sued Richard Williams, saying he backed out of a contract to have the sisters take on male tennis players in a Battle of the Sexes event.

The promoters technically won their case, although they weren't awarded any damages. But what's most interesting here is that the promoters said a male vs. female tennis match could have made $45 million. That might be high, but I can honestly say that if I could have one dream tennis match for 2007, it would be one of the top female players against a past-his-prime man. Having Venus or Serena take on John McEnroe would be a ratings bonanza, and I'll personally sign on to promote it, as long as Richard Williams agrees.

In Court, Nothing But Love For Venus And Serena [Roy S. Johnson's Sports Blog]