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If Team USA Fails to Win Gold Again, Will Whores Be to Blame?

Team USA, undefeated in meaningless games against international competition thus far this summer, is having a grand ol' time in Asia right now. But as much fun as it is to beat up on hairy foreigners, there's nothing quite like visiting some of the finer brothels the region has to offer. Just ask LeBron, Carmelo, and D-Wade.

Wait, what?

There's absolutely no way to confirm the veracity of this "report", so do with it what you will. BlackSportsOnline got word of the story from China's version of The National Enquirer, and here's the badly mangled bit of linguistic magic that the Google Translator spit out.

Hong Kong paparazzi after a special interview for the provision of services NBA superstar female technicians, three female technicians at the beginning of work before, have learned about the identity of the person, such as James, has more than once because of previous service for celebrities, so they do not show Special surprise, it is said that the three VIPs only to the 200 Australian dollars as a tip, it is hardly generous.


"Female technician." Now, there's something an enterprising young person can proudly put on their resume. As for the not so generous tip for services rendered, just think of what those monied Greeks could do for you, LeBron.


Lebron, DWade & Carmello Getting Their Hong Kong Freak On [Black Sports Online]

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