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If The Dez Bryant Video Exists, We'll Buy It

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We do not know if there is actually video of Dez Bryant doing something very, very bad. If there is, we will pay money for it.


For a completely unsubstantiated rumor, this thing has legs. Mike Florio claims that NFL insiders have heard about the video for months. Adam Schefter says he's been working the story since September, and knows what's on the supposed video (despite not having seen it). Cowboys COO Stephen Jones denies that the team knows anything about the video.

The video is reportedly for sale to the highest bidder, or, alternately, being used to extort Bryant. To that we would add: to anyone in possession of the video, email us at Deadspin, and perhaps we will pay you money for the video.


We have been approached by multiple tipsters claiming to know what the video shows, and there are at least three conflicting versions. Notably, of all the people who have offered descriptions of what's on the tape, not one claims to have actually seen it. There's more than a hint of urban legend here.

One person claims to have heard the audio, which he says has "been floating around the celebrity hacking/trading communities of the dark web for a couple of months." Another cites his "source at Bristol." Yet another demanded that we pay him just to tell us what was on the video. (Technically, he claimed, what was on two separate Bryant videos.)

There is a subrumor going around that screenshots of the video have been sent out. But none of those screenshots have surfaced, and no one in the media we've spoken to has seen any alleged images.

This is all very confusing. It would be less confusing if you, the person who has this video (if it exists), would get in touch with us at

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