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We feel obliged to point out that Shaq got divorced. We do not know why we feel obliged to point this out. But we are anyway.

The couple has four children together, and, because Shaq is no dummy, they have a prenup.

The two have a "Cohabitation/Prenuptial Agreement and Acknowledgment of Property Disclosure and Waiver of Further Disclosure," the petition says. A copy of their agreement "will be filed ... under seal" — if the court allows — and "contains extensive provisions providing for confidentiality and non-disclosure." Per the pre-nup, Shaunie would get primary custody and Shaq would get "liberal" visitation rights....


We take this moment to remind you of Kobe Bryant's proudest moment: Ratting out Shaquille to police, saying that Shaq, "had paid women up to $1 million to keep 'situations like this' quiet." The "this" there, of course, refers to ladies in Aspen hotel rooms, but, you know, it's a flexible demonstrative pronoun.

Shaq Getting Divorced [Jen's Free Throws]

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