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If They Take Away Reggie Bush's Heisman, Did It Really Happen?

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Like a lot of people, we're sure, when we initially saw Yahoo! Sports' report — you know, typing the "!" after "Yahoo" must feel a little silly when you're trying to report a serious story — about Reggie Bush allegedly receiving improper gifts from agents when he was at USC, we thought, "Jeez, they're still on this? They know he's in the NFL now, right?"


Turns out, though, there's some pretty damning stuff in there, including actual credit card receipts from potential managers traced back to flights given to Bush's family; the ultimate estimate — if somewhat high, judging from the story — given to Bush and his family is about $100,000. If it's all proven true by the NCAA — and particularly if there's some sort of hazing involved — Bush could lose his Heisman and USC could even lose its national championship.

That's an explosive possibility, though we've never understood the idea of taking away titles retroactively, like they did with Michigan. We know Michigan lost one of its Final Fours, or something similar, but only in some book somewhere; we don't know who took their spot, and since we were watching, they won it in our memory, which is the only thing that really matters in the sports world. USC fans can scare themselves, but it's not real: Even if Reggie Bush received money and they take away hardware and fictional titles, it still all happened, and you still all enjoyed it. Honest.

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