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If This Isn't A Sport, What Is?

What's a sport? We think competitive eating is a sport, and if you want to play around, we suppose rock paper scissors is a sport too. But how far can you push it? Claynation's Clay Travis makes the argument that counting is the new hot pseudo sport.

What's counting? Exactly that: Counting. And he's interviewed a guy who is currently counting out loud to 1,000,000. It's taking him weeks, and it's more difficult than he thought.

As far as just the counting, the 40 and 50 thousands got to me a little bit and I think it was because of the friction of the F's. I started getting sores on my bottom lip. But that's gotten better with time. When I got into the 140 K's and 150 K's it wasn't nearly as bad. Also, the 60s and 70s trip me up because of the two syllable change. There's lots of things going on there.


Well: That explains the sores, at least.

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