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Few things in life are as satisfying as stunting in the face of an opposing fan after your team does something good. One of the only things that is better is when an opposing fan preens in your face prematurely and you get to return the favor. This is why the following interactions from this weekend between two Ajax fans and a VVV-Venlo supporter so delicious.

Some context: Venlo hosted Ajax in an Eredivisie match on Saturday. About five minutes from halftime, Venlo were awarded a goal, which emboldened one Venlo fan to rub the advantage into the noses of the two Ajax fans sitting next to him. However, the play was reviewed, and the ref noticed the goalscorer yanking the shirt of an Ajax player just before scoring. In light of that, the ref ruled the goal out. Which was the perfect opportunity for those Ajax fans to give the cocky Venlo guy a taste of his own medicine:


In case you’re interested, here is video of the disallowed goal:

VAR is bad, but sometimes, VAR is good.

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