Thursday’s game is on Fox, so all it takes to see it is an old-fashioned TV antenna. Maybe it’s that old-time spirit that leads MLB to believe folks in Iowa are just fine so long as they can hear the Cardinals on powerful KMOX (or one of six Iowa-based affiliates), the Cubs and White Sox on WSCR and WMVP, the Twins on WCCO, or the Brewers on WTMJ — all 50-kilowatt powerhouses through the night sky.


More likely, MLB just doesn’t care. They’re happy to accommodate their TV partners by upholding an arcane system that isn’t good for anyone, including the rights holders who mistakenly believe they’re protecting their investment by barring streams, even in areas where their broadcasts cannot be accessed.

But, hey, Costner and his cinema dad, Dwier Brown, are out at Yankees-White Sox to have a catch. It’s just too bad that anyone who sees it, and then wants to see more of the White Sox in Iowa, will spend eternity wandering in the corn without finding what they’re looking for. Is this heaven? No, it’s blackout hell.