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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled If You Cant Play As The Vikings, Might As Well Ransack Like Them

Having just been alerted by the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League that their season was over at the halfway mark, the Jamestown Vikings decided that they were still vikings after all and proved as much by trashing the historic Viking Lodge in Jamestown, NY.

Trash and debris were everywhere, especially on the second and third floors where the stench of beer and rotting food was almost overpowering. Bar stools were smashed through doors, and virtually every piece of glass in the building had been shattered, the broken shards unavoidable underfoot.

''They were on a drunken rampage,'' said Greg Moran, a building inspector with the city Department of Development, who was called to the scene once police learned of the destruction. ''I was absolutely appalled. ... Some of this stuff is probably irreplaceable.''


Vikings? Drunken carnage? I'd say that's a pretty fair historical reenactment. Isn't what these sort of small hamlets are for?

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