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Over two years ago, the San Diego State Aztecs played the BYU Cougars in what ought to have been an standard regular season contest. It was anything but standard: Late in the game, a fumble by BYU's J.J. Diluigi was not called on the field, despite looking to all the world like a fumble. Naturally, the replay booth reviewed the call—and upheld it! All of San Diego was aghast (the city, according to this report, "almost fell into the Pacific Ocean"), and the reputation of all involved came under scrutiny. How could such a questionable call have survived video review?

Well, as it turns out, one of the video coordinators in that very booth, Chad Bunn, was a BYU employee, and suspicion of Chad (Chadanoia, they called it) flooded San Diego, with many impugning the good name of Chad Bunn. One editorial compared him to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, as well as Benedict Arnold. Others presumably complained as well. Bunn was suspended for a game.


This year's Poinsettia Bowl will played by...San Diego State and BYU, and Bunn, who will not be working the game but is remaining ever vigilant, has lawyered up.

Chad Bunn, the focus of unwarranted vitriol, apparently.

From the Deseret News of Utah:

Because BYU and San Diego State will renew their relationship in a bowl game in San Diego on Dec. 20, certainly the name of Chad Bunn will surface.

If it does, beware. He's got legal beagles on the case this time.

If somebody takes on Bunn, that person will face an oven.

Beating up on Bunn will not go unanswered this time, according to Alan W. Mortensen, an attorney for the law firm of Dewsnup, King and Olsen in Salt Lake City.

When a Utah radio sports talk host revisited that last SDSU-BYU football game, and blasted Bunn, previewing this year's Poinsettia Bowl, Mortensen fired off a cease and desist letter and asked for an apology.


That's a billable hour. Paid by Chad Bunn. Because he couldn't stand the criticism he got from San Diego State fans. After the video replay crew—on which he is a staff member, but for which he is not the review official—upheld questionable fumble call. During a regular season, Mountain West vs. independent game. Between San Diego State and BYU. Criticism that, according to his lawyer, Bunn has found "devastating." Is this slander yet? Come at me, Mortensen!

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