If You Want To Know What Happens In That Leaked Avengers: Endgame Footage, Here You Go

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Some low-quality footage of scenes from Avengers: Endgame leaked onto the web on Monday, more than 10 days before the movie’s release. For a Marvel movie that has been shrouded in mystery—even more so than the others—this is a weird and unprecedented development, so much so that a lot of people think the footage is some sort of gag or misdirect, or only deleted scenes.

Upon watching the disjointed footage, however, everything that leaked appears plausible and logical (for a comic book movie). And as the leak is getting harder and harder to find by the minute, that hints at its authenticity—and means you might want to read a summary of what happens.


Spoiler Alert, obviously. Although I’m going to go see the movie in theaters and didn’t find that anything was particularly ruined by seeing the footage. Still, they’re definitely SPOILERS.




But seriously, this is a real SPOILER ALERT. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Each bullet point is a different scene, and not necessarily in order. There’s not a whole lot of continuity to the leaks, and they’ll cut off at inorganic moments.

  • So Hulk is Professor Hulk now. He’s the Hulk but he wears glasses and talks like Bruce Banner and he’s smart. He’s at the Avengers’ facility with Ant-Man (who’s been saved from the Quantum Realm, evidently), Black Widow, and Cap. They must be working on something with time travel, because Smart Hulk makes a comment about Ant-Man getting lost in the 1950s.
  • Thor seems drunk and disheveled in the next scene. He’s happy to see Rocket and Hulk, and he introduces them to Korg and Miek.
  • Stark’s at the Avengers facility. There’s a big contraption and Rocket’s working on it. It’s probably what they’ll use to time travel. Tony calls him “Ratchet.” Thor is still drunk, and it sounds like Tony calls him “Lebowski.”
  • Ant-Man, Hulk, and Nebula are in a room together, and Ant-Man is wearing one of those quantum suits you’ve seen in the trailers. Nebula is working on the suit.
  • A scene from the trailers where the Avengers are walking through their facility in the quantum suits, with some Steve Rogers V/O.
  • It seems like Cap, Ant-Man, Hulk, and Stark went back to the Battle of New York to find three Infinity Stones? Cap says, “Two stones uptown. One stone down. Stay low, keep an eye on the clock.” Hulk from the past smashes, and it looks like Professor Hulk is about to smash also.
  • Captain America is fighting a version of himself on a bridge.
  • Hulk appears to have the Infinity Gauntlet—or maybe a version that Stark made—with all 6 stones. He puts it on, and once it’s fitted, he falls to his knee in pain. It looks like the Gauntlet is burning him as he yells.
  • Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man are fighting Thanos, but he’s handling them. Hulk appears trapped under rubble, which he’s trying and failing to lift with only the arm that didn’t put on the Gauntlet.
  • Captain America wields Mjolnir! I have to say that’s the one supercool thing I wish I hadn’t spoiled for myself. He’s getting in some good shots on Thanos, and knocks him down.
  • Falcon tells Cap through an earpiece, “It’s Sam. Can you hear me?” and then he says “On your left.” Cap looks and sees Okoye, T’Challa, and Shuri walk through a portal, and then Falcon flies out.
  • All of the Avengers who got dusted in the first movie are alive. Shocking, right? Cap is facing down Thanos, with all the heroes behind him. He shouts, “Avengers!” then catches Mjolnir, then says much quieter and more seriously, “Assemble.” (omg.) All hell starts to break loose.
  • Spider-Man hugs Iron Man. It’s cute.
  • Captain Marvel appears to destroy a spaceship. She has short hair and she’s flying away as it crashes to the ground.
  • A damaged Spider-Man is holding the Gauntlet on the ground. Captain Marvel is there and she says, “Hey Peter Parker. You got something for me?” He gets up and a bunch of Chitauri start charging at the two of them.

See? That wasn’t that bad. You can still go enjoy the movie.