If You Were Wondering, Yes, It's Still No Longer Raining In St. Louis

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A legitimate question: Is this World Series ever going to end? We're not saying that we find it boring, because we (obviously) don't. It's just that the weather is bad bad bad; biblical bad, worse than last night's rainout. The forecast says a 50 percent chance of rain around game time, with increasing chance as the night goes on.

That is to say: This World Series is never going to end. If the game is rained out again tonight, we've got a nightmare scenario. Last night's rainout burned through the travel day, and if there's a rainout tonight, they've burned through a Detroit day. Oh, and it's supposed to rain like crazy in St. Louis tomorrow too. We're looking at the possibility of three consecutive rainouts in the World Series, which hasn't had one in 10 years. That would push everything back two more days ... and we haven't even started talking about the weather in Detroit yet (chance of rain over the weekend and early next week, if you're curious).

And we've still only played three games. We are not envious of those Busch Stadium fans who, like us last night, will be sitting out in the cold rain tonight waiting for Bud Selig to stop dithering and make a decision on what's happening. It'll be November until this series ends, we can just sense it.


If there's a game tonight, we'll pop up a game thread, because the conversation during these games are as entertaining as anything we have on this site. But we're less than optimistic. It could be worse: The Rockies could have made the World Series.

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(UPDATE: Holy cow: They think they're actually gonna play this game. We'll believe it when we see it.)