If Your Wonderlic Score Is Lower Than Your Jersey Number...

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...then it's unfortunate that you're wearing #10. It's being reported by profootballtalk.com that Vince Young scored a six on the Wonderlic test. That's six. S-i-x. 6.

Let's ask The Wizard of Odds what that means:

The average score for a player at the combine is 19. The average score overall hundreds of corporations use the Wonderlic is 21. But a score under 10 is an indication of literacy problems. Former Iowa State running back Darren Davis reportedly has the record for lowest score, a 4. Former Florida State kicker Sebastian Janikowski reportedly got a 9.


Again, let me repeat: These are rumors. It might not be true, perhaps a rabig dog ate half his test, maybe Matt Leinart stole his test and erased all his answers... I don't know. I hope it's not true. In fact, I hate to think that there's anyone out there in the world who Sebastian Janikowski is entitled to call 'dumb.' I just don't want to believe it.

By the way, no matter what you've heard, the child that Vince Young is holding in that picture is not his tutor. It's so wrong for you to even suggest that.


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