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Ignore The Haters, Wearing A Bucket On Your Head At A Baseball Game Can Save Your Life

Photo: Stacy Revere (Getty)

Picture yourself at a mid-summer baseball game. You’ve had a few cold ones. You’ve polished off the bucket of 24 slimy buffalo wings that you spent $84 on. You’re honestly starting to get a little bored. I’m gonna put this damn bucket on my head, you think. That will spice things up.

Those seated around you will likely be quick to mock such a decision. “Take the bucket off your head, you lummox!” is something you might have shouted in your direction. “Hey bucket boy! Lose the bucket!” This is the moment at which you will turn to those who do not think it is appropriate to wear a bucket on your head at a baseball game, you will whip out your phone, and you will show them this Chicago Tribune article:

A man was hit by a metal tile that dropped from the centerfield scoreboard at Wrigley Field, but he apparently was saved from serious injury by a plastic bucket he was wearing on his head, according to police and the.

The incident happened around 8:50 p.m. Tuesday as the Cubs were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks. A footlong metal “score tile” fell and hit a 19-year-old man, who was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center and received five staples to close a cut on his head, according to the Cubs spokesman Julian Green.


Keep the bucket on your head and enjoy the game, knowing that you are in less danger than the unbucketed fools who surround you.

[Chicago Tribune]

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