Nathan Creer, the father of Illinois starting quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase has been banned from campus for a year after being involved in a drunken fight at Saturday's game.

During the 42-3 homecoming loss to Michigan State, campus police responded to a report of a fight in the stands involving about 10 people. It apparently started when one person accidentally bumped another, and things escalated.

"From what I heard, somebody was intoxicated, words were exchanged, swings were exchanged. We got the parties separated. Some calmed down and went along with the program. Some did not," [deputy police chief Skip] Frost said.

Creer was one of those who did not. While being questioned by police, Creer allegedly tried to pull away from an officer, earning himself a trip to jail. He was charged with resisting arrest and released after posting bond.

As per school policy, Creer was banned from campus for a year. That includes Memorial Stadium, which means pop will miss the final two home games of Scheelhaase's college career.