It's come to this?: The most valuable baseball card of the moment is of a dog that doesn't even exist yet. So my Griffey rookies will not help me retire? [Beckett Blog]

Spend it like Beckham's maid: Man U striker Wayne Rooney (estimated worth £35 million) used a 50%-off coupon to buy his wife a £30 dinner. What's the opposite of making it rain? [Unprofessional Foul]


Yeah, right: Should Red Sox fans go easy on A-Rod this season? What do you think will happen? []

Maybe a concealed weapon charge?: Oklahoma basketball player Ray Willis has a DUI and a stabbing (his own) on his resume and his freshman year isn't even over yet. I think he can go pro. [Slow Breaker]

Swimmers are jerks: Making t-shirts that insult a former member of your team are hilarious—especially when you're the coach—but maybe the version that mocks the opponent who is in a coma was a bit much. [Sports Prose + Sports Rubbish]