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Shocking development, via Dan Shaughnessy: The ongoing longitudinal study of narcissistic personality disorder known as Red Sox Nation has somehow contrived to turn Game 6 of a Phillies-Yankees World Series into a drama centering on ... Red Sox Nation

"Six years later, he is back in new Yankee Stadium, still pitching for the honor of Red Sox Nation," Shaughnessy begins. He means Pedro Martinez, who is fated to spend the rest of his natural days being trailed by a herd of Back Bay poet manqués, even though he has now pitched for five teams in all, four of which were not the Red Sox.

Pedro Martinez gets the ball in Game 6 tonight of the World Series, and he is the only thing standing between the Evil Empire and its 27th world championship.

In his role as Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher, Pedro knows he is carrying the colors for Sox fans around the world - just as he did in 2003 when Grady Little left him on the mound too long in the ancient ballpark across the street.


And the curly-haired boyfriend concludes:

The Yankees were Pedro's daddy when Grady left him on the mound too long in 2003. Tonight Pedro has a chance to make everything right. All these years later, he's still pitching for the Red Sox.

Yes, at last, a second shot at redemption (after that first, successful shot at redemption in 2004). This one's not just for Pedro, either. It's for all of Red Sox Nation, those long-suffering souls who've tragically gone a full month without anyone giving a shit about them.

A night at the theater [Boston Globe, via Can't Stop The Bleeding]

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