In 1995, An ESPN Cameraman Captured Fenway Fans Having An Over-The-Jorts Three-Way (UPDATE)

Oh, 1997. Back when we thought murdering Vince Foster was the worst our government could do. Back when we could watch both Mad About You and Caroline in the City. Back when the Red Sox were so mediocre and uninteresting that over-the-jorts horndoggery could occur in a half-empty Fenway Park. These were the lean years of Darren Bragg, of Troy O'Leary, of John Valentin, after all, so why not get frisky?


UPDATE: Tipster Gavin has emailed us to note that the found footage might be older than its uploader originally thought. He writes, "That video is older than 1997…I remember seeing it back in 1993-4 when I was a PA in Bristol…"

UPDATE 2: Commenter The Maine Event writes in, "In the video the public address announcer sounds like a woman, which means that it's likely Leslie Sterling, who was the first second female PA announcer in a Major League stadium. Sterling served as the PA announcer at Fenway from 1994 to 1996, meaning that the video was likely recorded in 1994 if Gavin's memory of first seeing it is correct, and certainly not in 1997 as originally thought."

UPDATE 3: 1995. Matt Stairs and Lee Tinsley were announced by Sterling, the female PA announcer, and they only played together on the Sox in 1995. Thanks to readers Joe and Ben for having the discipline to pay attention to the audio.

From Busted Coverage:

Climax of Video: The chick in the middle of the three-way decides to give cut-off jorts chick some action, too! That's at the 1:50 mark but this entire video is award-winning. Take 4 minutes out of your day and watch The Domer working it.

Conclusion: It's hard to remember just how popular Jorts were back in the day. And Notre Dame. If you know any of the parties involved in the 2 Girls & 1 Notre Damer video, please contact us. This is the perfect chance for a Where Are They Now.

Look at the bangs. Look at the bouffants. This is about as great as ESPN b-roll gets. Now we need a 6,000-word, 15-footnote tribute from the Grantland editor in chief. (And, hell, it'd be corporate synergy.)

Update: For more stadium sex, check out the notorious "C-roll video," which got passed around in broadcast circles for years before winding up in our hands.


2 Girls & 1 Notre Dame Fan Swingers Night At Fenway Circa 1997 [Busted Coverage]