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It turns out that Wayne Rooney isn't Manchester's only star player with a serious jonesin' for the pros. I can hardly blame the guy for setting up an orgy, he must have a ton of pent up energy what with not playing due to suspension and all, but did the over-sexed superstar (/fuckhead) really have to pay for it...five times over?!?!

C-Ron had the girls sent in a taxi by a Leeds escort agency, called Mackenzies. When they arrived at his mansion in Manchester, it was time to get their alcohol-filled, skinny-dipping, six-hour, sex-having party on. And party the girls did, even taking the time to take several photos on their mobile phones of all the debauchery. Naturally.

The hired help got to live the dream until about 5 o'clock in the morning when they were told by one of the boys to quiet down and piss off, Ronaldo's gone to bed.


Of course it took about ten minutes for the girls to go right to the press. Apparently when one superstar midfielder treats a couple of other young superstars to a sex party it's going to be big news.

They went into the living room where Brazilian Anderson, 19, kissed them all on the cheek as Ronaldo—who has an on-off relationship with Hollyoaks beauty Gemma Atkinson—just sat on the sofa smiling.

Tyese added: "Then a man I later found out was Nani came in wearing only boxer shorts, swaggering about saying, 'I am hot, I am hot'. I knew this wasn't going to be simple sex."

The girls were told to help themselves to vodka and Red Bulls. Gemma said: "The only guy I recognised (sic) was Ronaldo. I quite fancied him so I asked him, 'Have you got a pool?'

Soon Tyese and Gemma were in there naked with Ronaldo and Nani. Tyese said: "I could tell Nani liked me so I made a beeline for him. We started kissing but I don't think he really gave a s**t about me. He just wanted sex.

Aww, did the mean men paying for pussy not romance you? Plus the guys didn't tip worth a shit. Not good times to be skanky hooker in Leeds. Do yourself a favor and read the whole account (with pictures!) at News of the World (but be warned, it's all written in that goofy foreign language).

Thanks to Kickette for their writeup
HT:The wily Mottrams at Mister Irrelevant

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