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Few constants exist in this world, but here's one: Billy Packer should probably not try to be funny. In his interview with's Julia Morrill, Packer bizarrely jokes about the games being "fixed" by the referees, which is pretty funny only if you find angry phone calls from Myles Brand to Packer funny. (You know, that is kind of funny.)

Here's the thing with Billy Packer: We kind of think we should all appreciate him a little more. Sure, he's borderline senile and a crotchety old crank. But jeez, the guy's an old-time basketball guy who played back when the shorts looked like French bathing suits. He knows nothing about anything that's happened in the last 30 years and doesn't mind at all. He's the sports Dick Cheney; grouchy, malcontent, intelligent and just doesn't give a crap. Get off his porch, you kids! We can mock him all we want โ€” and he certainly has it coming โ€” but come on: We'll take Billy Packer over, say, a Sklar brother, or a Jay Mohr, any day of the week.

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