1:00 Indianapolis at Carolina (704/719), Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (705/720), Oakland at Tennessee (707/721), or Cleveland at St. Louis (706/no HD). (Distribution Map) [CBS]
1:00 New York Giants vs. Miami (708/724), Philadelphia at Minnesota (710/722), or Detroit at Chicago (709/723) (Distribution Map) [FOX]
4:00 Houston at San Diego (71/720), Buffalo at New York Jets (711/721), or Jacksonville at Tampa Bay (713/725) (Distribution Map) [CBS]
4:00 Washington at New England(714/719) or New Orleans at San Francisco (715/722) (Distribution Map) [FOX]
*Sunday Ticket channel listings in parentheses (standard/HD)

It's Liverpool/Arsenal vs. Miami/New York in England today and it's closer than you think. Of course in America the decision is easy, soccer all the way (Miami blooooooooows).

There's probably other stuff on as well, but who cares?