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So we're about to make a confession here, and we're not happy about it. We were watching that Patriots-Giants game last Saturday night, and after Randy Moss caught that ridiculous touchdown pass from Tom Brady, something terrifying occurred to us: We were rooting for the Patriots.

We think it's because we're a sucker for history. Not just seeing teams make it to the top, but watching them being taken down in the most epic fashion. If the Patriots had lost to the Giants on Saturday, this would have been just another season; the postseason would have been entertaining, because it always is, but it wouldn't have had that same oomph. Now, no matter what happens, every Patriots game — every postseason game, really — will be a can't miss. History will either be made, or devastated, depending on what happens in the next month. We will always remember this season, and this postseason. Can you say that about last year?


The Patriots might be loathsome, but dammit, isn't that what we want? If they lose, we rejoice. If they win, we snarl at them as they gleefully and indifferently raise the Lombardi Trophy. With the playoffs kicking off this weekend, we can't think of much more fun than watching the Patriots lose. And if they don't ... well, the ride will be well worth it, and they will have certainly earned it. Everything on the line, every game. What more could we ask for? We can't wait.

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