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Less than five minutes into the opening quarter of the Nets-Spurs game, officials had to call action to a halt when a group of bats—sometimes referred to as a colony, or camp—began to swarm the court in San Antonio. Things didn’t stop on the court once the first bat was spotted. It appears that the officials waited until there were multiple bats on the court that players were actively dodging before doing anything.


Here’s an angle from a reader who sent us a video of what the invasion looked like from the stands and includes several failed attempts at trying to knock the bats down with a towel—despite the fact that the man with the net was standing in the middle of the court.

But the best part was the contingent of Spurs fans that know their team’s history and started chanting “Ma-nu! Ma-nu!” as the bats continued to circle around the court.

The homecourt advantage worked out for San Antonio this time, as the Spurs went into the half with a 52-51 lead.


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