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In The Club With Antonio Pierce

This video is from the 2007 season, but at this point anything that sheds light on Antonio Pierce's club hopping habits may be useful to the NYPD. That also includes his SUV, which was towed today and impounded as part of their investigation into the Plaxico Burress unpleasantness.

In case you missed it last night, Burress was suspended by the New York Giants and placed on the non-injury football list, costing him about $27 million in unpaid salary (plus fines.) The fact that he is not on an NFL roster may also make it easier for the prosecutors to hit him with that very large book they are preparing to throw.


Pierce on the other hand is still practicing and will presumably be playing on Sunday, barring any developments that are almost certain to happen. I think people generally sympathize with him, because he was just trying to help his dumb friend survive his own dumbness. He's kind of like Matt Damon in "Rounders." Maybe he should challenge Mike Bloomberg to a game of No Limit for all the marbles. (Has Bill Simmons already plumbed this metaphor?) He is supposed to meet with the DA "in the near future," but he still hasn't done that and if he doesn't soon, he could be making even more trouble for himself.

One person who is definitely in trouble is the doctor who was mysteriously summoned to New York-Cornell Hospital (possibly by a Giants official) to treat one "Harris Smith" and then "forgot" to report the gunshot victim to police. She's been suspended for what might be termed "a complete lack of medical ethics." Other doctors tend to frown on that stuff.


Our advice to Pierce? Throw Plax under the bus. You can't save his career, but you can try not to destroy your own in the process. Plus, that Matt Damon became Jason Bourne and that was pretty awesome, wasn't it?

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