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Inaugural Game, T.O., and Fumbles

It was a glorious day of football and we still have one more game left. The Bears take on the Colts in the inaugural regular season game at the new Lucas Oil Stadium. Will Peyton Manning throw six touchdowns? Will his knee hold up? Will Kyle Orton be sober? Only time will tell. The afternoon games held few surprises. Terrell Owens was T.O., even drawing a penalty for an endzone celebration. Dallas put a pounding on the Browns and I hate to say it, but the Cowboys look deep. Screw them. America's team my ass. The 49ers have been absolutely fumble-icious, with 4 lost possessions due to slippery fingers. And as of posting time, LaDanian has yet to score a touchdown for the Chargers. Completely unacceptable. [UPDATE: Are you kidding me? A last minute touchdown catch in the back of the endzone with no time left for a Carolina win to stun the Chargers.] Suss will have a live blog going tonight for the Bears/Colts. Feel free to hang out here in the meantime, during, and/or after. Thanks for hanging out with me this weekend. As always, you've been beautiful.


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