Incredible Euroleague Buzzer-Beater Runs The Gamut Of Human Emotions

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Let's set the scene: Cibona-Partizan. NLB League Final in Zagreb. With 0.6 seconds left, Cibona hits a miracle three to take the lead. Cibona celebrates. This one's in the bag.

With a little more than half a second left, and the Cibona still celebrating on the court for some reason, Partizan's Dusan Kecman throws up a prayer from somewhere in Slovenia and banks it in. It's the just deserts that are the sweetest.

Of course, being a veteran, and a real man, Kecman was absurdly serene — even a little existential — about the whole thing:

As I've said many times already, you just take the ball, shoot and hope you make it. What I remember is that I could see the ball flying in the right direction, but couldn't tell whether I would score the basket. It doesn't really matter any more, it's history now.


So, move over 2006 West Virginia Mountaineers. We have a new Most Soul-Crushing Defeat Imaginable. Partizan now moves on to the Euroleague Final Four to face Josh Childress, Scoonie Penn, and the rest of Olympiakos Piraeus on May 7.

H/T Gourmet Spud for the video.

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