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Indiana Hoosiers

1. Van Arsdale Twins. Tom and Dick Van Arsdale are the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of Indiana Basketball. These bruthas from the same mutha were co-Mr. Basketballs in Indiana and played together at IU from 1963-1965 with each identical twin earning All-American and Academic All-American honors. As Hoosiers, Tom and Dick finished with nearly identical averages in points and rebounds: 17.4 / 10.0 and 17.2 / 10.0. They also each weighed 70 pounds and dressed like homeless people. (Not really.)

2. Hey, Candy Ass. The subject of much derision from the sartorially jealous, Indiana s candy-stripe warm-up pants are a staple of IU s perma-retro basketball culture. You can get your own for $144.99 (plus tax, plus shipping and handling, plus the medical bills resulting from the beatdowns you ll receive for wearing them anywhere outside of Assembly Hall).

3. Bob Knight Will Punch You In The Neck. And you will deserve it. After all, Coach Knight was bullying people and shooting his friends long before the Vice President made it cool. As former Hoosier legend Steve Alford said, "The plain truth is, people seem to accept Coach's authority even when they have no reason or obligation to." But the guy who preceded Mike Davis won three national titles, Olympic and Pan Am gold, and everything else worth winning. As it said on a satin jacket worn by one Kool-Aid-drinking 83-year-old-woman, "The Lord is My Shepherd, But Bobby s My Coach." Perspective. — Trent Apple


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