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2007 artist’s impression of the planetary system around the red dwarf Gliese 581, which shows what astronomers believed at that time was the most earth like planet found outside our solar system to date.
Photo: ESO (Getty Images)

Carlos Carrasco carried the Cleveland Indians to a 6-2 win over the Brewers this afternoon. But all the fun for the AL Central division leaders didn’t seem to come until after the game, as shown by a Twitter poll put out into the world by Cleveland pitcher Brady Aiken.


First of all, I bet it’s Trevor Bauer who’s arguing for the existence of exactly two earths. But shaggy-haired starter Mike Clevinger seems to get it:

And RC Orlan appears to agree:


But Brady Aiken, in a response to Pirates prospect Cole Tucker, took the conversation one level deeper.


Fuck, man. These Indians pitchers must be getting blazed on their days off. Thank god Carrasco went the full nine innings today. I’m sure the last thing Terry Francona wants is Brady Aiken contemplating whether or not the ball he just threw was a strike on Earth-5 the next time he takes the mound.

Far be it from me to dismiss this question as unworthy of serious debate, however. Of course, we have yet to discover any other planets like our own. But astronomers estimate that there’s enough material in the universe to create a billion trillion earth-like planets. Research from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore implies that while our Earth is likely among the first habitable planets, there may be “at least a 92 percent chance that we are not the only civilization the universe will ever have.” And that’s without even bringing the multiverse theory into play.


So nobody knows for sure, but this evidence lends credence to the fact that, odds are, there will eventually be a place somewhere in the universe where the Indians won the 2016 World Series.

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